Beggars Banquet


So I remember going to see “Interview With the Vampire” back home at the Ashtabula Mall.  I can’t remember exactly why I went to see it, because I really don’t dig vampire stories (don’t tell the Princess) and I pretty much hate Tom Cruise (“Collateral” is basically the only movie of his that I enjoy…and he was the bad guy in that one too), but whatever, I was there.  IMDB lists the release date for the movie as November 1994, so it was probably over my first winter break from college and I was probably with Black Cloud and the Gear Head.  And if that was the case, I was probably nursing some pretty grievous wounds that had been inflicted by Her.  But regardless, my favorite part of the movie was most certainly the ending credits, and not just because I didn’t have to watch Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt fight over who was better looking anymore, but mostly because the Guns ‘N Roses version of “Sympathy for the Devil” played over the closing credits.  I even went out and bought the CD single release of the Guns’ version of the song.  And when I listen to it today, I admit its a bit over the top (in the way only Axl Rose can do), but it was my first exposure to the song and as covers go, it’s pretty great (even if it did lead directly to Slash leaving the band).

But of course, the original is great too, and it’s here on this record.  Actually, it was the only song on the album that I had heard before when I found it at the Half Price Books by me on Bethel Road (Bethel Road, where all the bad boys hang out…) for $8.99 (minus my huge edumacator discount) on a night when the Princess was searching for geometry books.  And to be honest, it’s a fun record, but there aren’t really any other tracks other than “Sympathy” that really jump of the album.  It’s kind of funny that Jagger gives us a Biblical lesson in “Prodigal Son” right before he tries to pick up an underage runaway (and her friend) in “Stray Cat Blues”.  I guess he had his bad boy image to protect.  The album is actually very acoustic and bluesy, and I guess you could say that every Friday for the past 15 years I’ve had more than just a few drinks for the salt of the earth (yup Mick and John, a working class hero is still something to be!)

Other lists: “Sympathy for the Devil” is #32 and “Street Fighting Man” is #301 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the the Top 500 Songs of All Time.

Ch-ch-changes: This album also dropped one spot from the original list due to the rise of “Meet the Beatles!”

My favourite track: “Sympathy for the Devil”

Honourable mention: “Salt of the Earth”

Quote: “Let’s drink to the hardworking people, let’s drink to the lowly of birth.  Raise your glass to the good and the evil: let’s drink to the salt of the earth.”